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She has this hands with nerves that are visible,
A sign that they are always busy and tired for doing things all day.
She thinks they’re ugly, but for me they’re special.
They were the first hands which held and carried me the day I was born.
They were the hands which delicately molded my upbringing, into what kind of lady I am today.
They were the hands that taught me how to keep my toys, to fix my bed, and to do my hair.
They were the hands that supports and picks me up whenever I’m down;
The hands that hugs me when I have so much worries in my mind.
They were the hands that pushes me to give my best to my every endeavors.
And the hands that don’t forget to pinch and spank me when needed, for me to wake up and realize that I am doing things which are not right.
I can say, this were the hands that always guides me and the hands that have given me the touch like no other, the hands that have given me care and unconditional love♥

Mothers are the best!
I love you ma, and I always will! I will not trade you for anything!I always include you in my prayers♥
Missing you so much…