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I’m nervous, my heart was beating so fast.
It was so intense,
I’m running out of breath,actually.
There’s this strange guy, with a knife in his hand,
Attempting to kill.
Adrenaline rush made me get a knife too but I was in fear.
Warning him to stop, for I’ll kill him.
But killing is way too morbid for me.
I can’t even raise my hand and point it to him.
I wanted to end his life but…I just can’t.
I was too hesitant.
I was not born to be a killer,I’m in deep fear.
It’s just not me,really, I want peace.
But then that time when I was so shilly-shally,
He saw the opportunity.
And the next thing he does was to reach for my sister,
And put the knife on his neck,trying to cut it.
I am so angry,shouting out of my lungs!
Then my eyes have opened..
It was so dark,and the setup was familiar.
It was my room!
And then I’ve realized, it was just a dream.
A very bad, bad dream.