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I don’t know…
There’s so much that I am worried about.
I am so close of getting “there”.
Close enough to achieve my dreams…
I guess not all things in life are easy to get.
You need to work your ass off, push to the limit, and do everything.
Why would I get what I want without me, having to work hard for it?
Makes sense right?
I’ve realized now that life isn’t like a winning ticket that can make you a millionaire in a snap.
Because in reality, before you get the jackpot,
It’s either you have to bet your lucky numbers a gazillion times (plus you have to pay for it every single bet);
Or just follow your gut instincts and depend on “LUCK”.


Let’s hear from a friend.








So it’s been a while…

Wow its been a year now since the last time I’ve wrote a blog!

No amount of words can best describe how I’ve missed blogging.
I am just so happy that I was able to open my blog again,
Scroll down to my older posts, and giggling like a child who’s excited about eating an ice cream in a sugar cone.
Now that I’ve remember my password and username, I will be back on track again;
Express my thoughts, share some moments within the day,
Share some interests, trips, and many others!
Oh it’s a comparable feeling to the reminiscence of your childhood!
Guess I have to fill this blog and start some new posts again!




Black and White

Black and White

Some pictures are better when black and white:)

This is a picture of me taken by my friend, Anna, at their house last year. We were supposed to have our shoot in Paco park but then the guard said that we need to get a permit from the office. It’s very hassle on our part because the office is quite far. So we need to have an alternative or should I say PLAN B. I’ve already thought of it, I have already anticipated that this could happen so we decided to go to Intramuros because there is a garden in front of my school which is also a good spot for a shoot. But then an unexpected thing happened again… As we walked on our way to the venue, the rain poured. We were so hopeless that time and the fact that we have planned this for a long time ,for it to be just ruined and to be a failure, is what made us very dissapointed. And because I don’t want to go home with nothing, i decided to still push it and have our shoot at Anna’s house.

And this is the product of our shoot and I am happy with how it goes out:)THANKS ANNA♥


Taking pictures is my fad!

Aside from the satisfaction i get when I see them…
It captures my treasured memories and moments, no matter what day or time is it.
Doesn’t have to be perfect. It need not to be a special event; just an ordinary day will do.
It is the feeling you get through the day which does the magic!:D

-L O U E L L A

What could have possibly happen?

There are so many things in life that happens unexpectedly. You don’t know what will happen next year,or maybe next month,next week?..how about tomorrow? or the next 10 seconds?