where revelation begins..





When I was in grade 1, I’m the first honor in our class.
I think it’s because of the fact that,
I am always the first one to finish writing whenever there are lectures.
It’s because I know how to read faster than my other classmates.
And I am very active in class participation.
I’ve joined some of the contests in our school too.
I got the 1st place in District level in Mathematics.
My score was almost perfect, if I haven’t forgot to answer one item.
Being the 1st place in the district level,
I was chosen to be the representative of our school in the division level.
I got the 10th place.
I believed in ME, and

My parents were so proud of me.


When I was in grade 2, I was the 3rd honor.
I got sad when i knew that my rank got lower.
But when the results of the IQ test came,
I got the highest score.
My father told me that I maybe the 3rd honor,
But being the high score in the IQ test proves that,
I am really an intelligent girl.
I believed in ME, and

My parents were so proud of me.


When I was in grade 3, I’m still the 3rd honor.
I guess it’s life, some will outperform you,
Some are better than you.
This was the time that I’ve accepted it.
I’m still in the top 3 though,
And of course,
I believed in ME, and

My parents were so proud of me.


When I was in grade 4 and 5, my rank every grading period changes.
There’s one period where I am the 2nd honor, then back to 3rd,
I’ve also experienced being the 4th and 5th.
I have realized that,
I have experienced being the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th honor.
And that, for me, is an unusual thing.
I am “Best in Computer” and “Most Creative”.
I am also active whenever there are programs in school,
I love dancing!
We have joined competitions and won prizes.
I have also joined in a pageant.
I got the title “Ms. FCES 2005”  plus, I won “Best in Talent” and “Best in Sports wear”
This is because I believed in ME, and

My parents were so proud of me.


When I was in grade six,
I am still active in dancing.
Whenever there are programs, we have intermission numbers.
And we are the representative of our school whenever  there are contests.
I have joined editorial writing contest,
Won 1st place in the district level and 5th place in the division level.
I also joined radio broadcasting contest.
I graduated as 2nd honorable mention.
I believed in ME, and

My parents were so proud of me.



I have transferred into another school.
At first, it was hard  to adjust
Because my previous school was  in the province,
And we moved to the City of Manila.
But then I get to know many friends, they’re awesome!
I have learned a lot, I’m also one of the top 10 in class and also
One of the Top 10 in subjects like
English, Science, T.L.E, Filipino,Computer, M.A.P.E.H and Religion.
I’m also always one of the class officers back then,
It was tough at some point,
Because of the responsibilities needed to be accomplished on time.
I have lie low in dancing, but I lead and choreographed a bit for our Field Demo.
But I have joined some contest too, like, declamation, “talumpati” and quiz bee in Filipino.
My high school days was  great, but not perfect.
I have experienced to fall in love, have had a boyfriend, and be broken.
There are a lot of issues back then that I’ve had a hard time dealing with.
I hate recess and lunch breaks when I was in junior and senior year.
But whatever happens,
I believed in Me, and

My parents always say that they are very proud of me.


I got an epiphany.
I have realized that this is a new adventure, a different phase of life; LEVEL UP!
A point in life where you have to be serious when it comes to academics.
I’m a scholar in a state university, with a course
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Finance and Treasury Management.
I have to maintain my grades and keep my status “Good Standing”.
This is the only time that I have refused to be an officer and lie low in contests,
I miss dancing but I’ve chosen to be inactive.
Though I’ve joined a few contest, joining those contest were really not in my plan.
I’ve joined because of the pressure of my block mates and my professor.
Though it wasn’t part of the plan, I can say that I did not regret it.
I believed in ME.

I have experienced a lot of stress, sleepless nights, worries, pressure, name it!
At some point I’ve thought of giving up.
Thesis papers, overnights, home works, research papers, graded recitations,
Demanding professors, minor subjects with unreasonable load of works,
Final exams and midterms! all of those, I’ve deal with.
I know its not just me who have experienced this,
I know, we all know, it’s  part of our lives, we need to be strong and competitive.
I may not have been one of those in the dean’s lists, one thing is for sure,
I didn’t have a failing grade.
Once again,I believed in ME.

On the 22nd day of April this year, I have the guts to tell the world that
Atlast! I’m a College graduate with a diploma to hold,
Ready to face the challenges of the outside world!
All of the things I’ve said earlier on  primary and secondary part
Was not to boast my honors and awards,
Because I’m sure there’s still more to life.
This is just to share few things about me.
If I was able to believe that
I can do and I can achieve many things because I believed in ME,
AND SO DO YOU, Believe in yourself.

I thank God for all of the blessings that He has given me.
This, I offer to Him and to my parents.
Being parents at a young age,
They have sacrificed a lot for me,
They work hard and do everything for me.
We are not rich, but despite that fact,
They didn’t deprived me,and my sister of the things
that we NEED, and the things that we WANT.
After all the hardships and obstacles that they have faced,
They were able to give their children the right of having good education,
which they say, is the only priceless inheritance that they can give.
My parents always say that they are very proud of me…
BUT what I can say is, I AM VERY PROUD OF THEM.
They deserve to be given this appreciation.
Thanks Ma, and “Tatay”!

Student no. 2010-20646, now signing off, waiting for graduation!