where revelation begins..



I’m nervous, my heart was beating so fast.
It was so intense,
I’m running out of breath,actually.
There’s this strange guy, with a knife in his hand,
Attempting to kill.
Adrenaline rush made me get a knife too but I was in fear.
Warning him to stop, for I’ll kill him.
But killing is way too morbid for me.
I can’t even raise my hand and point it to him.
I wanted to end his life but…I just can’t.
I was too hesitant.
I was not born to be a killer,I’m in deep fear.
It’s just not me,really, I want peace.
But then that time when I was so shilly-shally,
He saw the opportunity.
And the next thing he does was to reach for my sister,
And put the knife on his neck,trying to cut it.
I am so angry,shouting out of my lungs!
Then my eyes have opened..
It was so dark,and the setup was familiar.
It was my room!
And then I’ve realized, it was just a dream.
A very bad, bad dream.


+Broaden My Horizons+


A while ago, I saw my sister doing her blog. I remember that she already have told me about this blogging thing before, as she said that it was a requirement on one of her subjects and that it will serve as their journal or daily diary. My eyes bore into what she is doing so I even stood behind her, watched over her shoulders ,as she make her craft seriously in front of the monitor. And because I caught myself very much into it and because I’m interested to this activity, That enthusiasm alone has pushed me to have one. Actually, I thought of having this even before my sister have had hers. And because of this fad, VOILA! I have now MY FIRST EVER BLOG!(*YAY!cheeeers to that!)

BLOGGING is perfect for my personality because I am fond of telling stories about myself and sharing some inevitable occurrences on my day.  It could be, whether a happy experience or a sad one(depends on the situation or my mood); It could be a good news or some bad news; It could be about some confusions running through my mind; It could be about a stressful day from school; It could be about my friends,or about gatherings,travel and family; It could be about my interests; It could also be about someone I met,I knew or I found♥(HAHA, if you know what I mean)and lastly, it could be A SECRET or should i call it “My confessions”.

I am very vocal at expressing my thoughts so I’m sure that this activity would really become my favorite pleasure pastime. I’m so excited and I’m looking forward to fill in my blog with updates and infos:) I even personalized my site’s appearance;) I believe that doing this as a routine would help me in many ways, not just by turning a “boring day” into a productive one ,but also in expressing myself as well as to practice my vocabulary and writing skills.

|L O U E L L A|