where revelation begins..

Coffee, sugar and some cream.

Isn’t it perfect,
To wake up in the morning
With no worries?
To sip a coffee
With your favorite bread on the side,
And sunny side up or scramble eggs,
To hear those tiny birds tweeting outside,
To feel the rays of the morning sun in your soft skin,
To feel the breeze on your face
And it feels so light and so good!
Everything is so nice in the morning.

Morning chats with your family,
Or maybe a good book or newspaper to read,
Or just sit in the veranda to observe the colorful and wonderful creatures of God and be grateful,
Realizing that we are truly blessed.
Oh, everything is so nice in the morning!

Isn’t it perfect..
To imagine many things,
To lay your eyes to someone,
With perfect eyes, nose… perfect face, just like Brad Pitt’s
And to add, don’t forget the perfect body!
Someone who feels the same as you feel whenever you see him,
Who will cuddle you, kiss you in the forehead and greet you
“Good morning honey/baby/sweety” or maybe,
“Good morning beautiful!”
BUT wait, I don’t have a boyfriend!
Too much imagination.


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